Your Personal AI Assistant

At the heart of your learning journey with LabEx is Labby, our AI learning assistant. Designed to enhance your learning experience, Labby offers step-by-step guidance, code verification, and interactive support. Simply follow along with Labby for a seamless learning process.

Labby’s key functionalities include:

  • Guided Lab Steps: Labby delivers validated lab content, detailing each step you need to take in the VM.
  • Step Verification: After you complete a step, Labby runs a verification script in the VM to check your progress. If something’s not right, Labby provides helpful tips or solutions.
  • Code Debugging: Encounter a snag in your code? Labby is there to assist in debugging.
  • Concept Clarification: Need a concept broken down? Ask Labby for a clear explanation.


Debugging Made Easy with Labby

To debug with Labby, simply paste your code’s error message. If Labby needs more context, provide additional hints or paste the entire code block. Here’s an example format for debugging requests:

Here's my code:


And the error message:


Can you help me debug this?

Sharing Feedback with Labby

Got a suggestion or feedback, use the /comment command to leave your thoughts. Your comments are directly sent to the LabEx team, helping us to continually enhance your learning experience.