LabEx is an interactive, hands-on learning platform dedicated to coding and technology. It combines labs, AI assistance, and virtual machines to provide a no-video, practical learning experience.

What sets LabEx apart is its focus on learning through practice rather than watching videos. Features include:

  • A strict “Learn by Doing” approach with exclusive hands-on labs and no videos.
  • Interactive online environments within the browser, with automated step-by-step checks.
  • A structured content organization with the Skill Tree based learning system.
  • A growing learning resource of 30 Skill Trees and over 6,000 Labs.
  • The AI learning assistant Labby, built on ChatGPT, providing a conversational learning experience.

Our AI assistant Labby has studied all the content of the help center, so you can also ask her questions directly on LabEx Website.

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, you can contact us by email or by creating a ticket.