LabEx Pro Certificate

Earning Your Certificate

You will only receive a certificate if you have completed all of the labs (includes all labs, challenges and projects) in the course or acquire 60% skills in the Skill Tree. Once you’ve earned a certificate, you can add your full name directly to it.

Accessing Your Certificate

Find and download your certificates anytime from your My Profile page (click on your avatar) or the respective Course or Skill Tree page.


Certificates are exclusive to LabEx Pro members at the time of course or Skill Tree completion. Free accounts with Basic Plan are not eligible for certificates. However, once earned, you can access your certificate even if your Pro membership ends.

Checking Certificate Availability

To determine if a course or Skill Tree offers a certificate, visit its Overview or Syllabus page. Some courses or Skill Trees might not grant certificates if they’re still in development or in a beta phase.