LabEx offers an interactive hands-on learning experience, no-video, focusing solely on hands-on labs, extensive skill trees, and our AI-powered learning assistant, which guides learners step-by-step through real-world labs.

What Makes LabEx Unique?

  • A strict “Learn by Doing” approach with exclusive hands-on labs and no videos.
  • Interactive online environments within the browser, with automated step-by-step checks.
  • A structured content organization with the Skill Trees based learning system.
  • A growing learning resource of mutiple Skill Trees and over thousands of hands-on labs.
  • The AI learning assistant Labby, built on ChatGPT, providing a conversational learning experience.

Benefits of Joining

  1. Generous Commission: Earn a 25% commission on every sale you refer.
  2. Unlimited LabEx Access: Enjoy free LabEx Pro privileges and get unrestricted access to our extensive library of 28 Skill Trees and 5000+ hands-on labs.
  3. Stay Updated: With continuously refreshed Skill Trees and Hands-on Labs, you’ll always have the latest, trending tech content to promote.
  4. Professional Affiliate Tools: Utilize the industry-leading ShareASale platform, complete with powerful analytics to track your success.
  5. 60-day Referral Cookie: Benefit from a 60-day referral cookie, ensuring you get credit for the sale even if the user decides to purchase later.
  6. Exclusive Perks: Outstanding affiliates receive special coupon codes and additional bonuses to reward their efforts.

The Affiliate Program Is For

  1. LabEx Fans: If you’re someone who’s well-acquainted with the LabEx ecosystem and a true believer in our “learn by doing” methodology, this is your chance to amplify the LabEx experience. Share the joy and effectiveness of hands-on learning with friends, colleagues, and classmates. Your genuine endorsement, borne from personal experience, can inspire many others to embark on their LabEx journey.
  2. Tech Influencers with a Following: If you’re an influencer in the tech space with your own dedicated audience – be it through a website, social media, a YouTube channel, blog, or any other platform – this program is a golden opportunity for you. Especially if your audience is keen on diving deep into programming, Linux, cloud computing, web development, DevOps, and related technologies. Partner with LabEx and offer them a trusted and proven platform for their tech endeavors.

Affiliate FAQs

How does the tracking system work?

When someone clicks on LabEx using your specific link, a cookie containing your affiliate ID is created by ShareASale scripts. This cookie remains active for 60 days. Any sales made within this time frame count as an affiliate sale for you.

Where can I monitor my referrals and earnings?

You can conveniently track your performance and view your earnings on your personalized affiliate dashboard available on ShareASale.

Are there specific rules I should be aware of while promoting LabEx?

Here are some essential guidelines:

  1. Commission Integrity: Commissions will only be disbursed for successfully completed transactions. If a transaction results in a chargeback or refund, that commission will not be paid.
  2. PPC Policy: Any PPC bidding on LabEx’s domain name, trademarks, brand terms, or any variations and misspellings of these are strictly forbidden. Violation of this policy may result in the cancellation of those transactions.
  3. Maintain Brand Integrity: Please avoid spam or any other practices that may tarnish our brand’s reputation. LabEx holds the authority to deactivate affiliate accounts that engage in activities detrimental to our image.

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